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What We Do
Our approach begins with helping your senior management to clarify basic goals and understanding specific concerns. We work with your company's team to effectively develop a strategic plan, but more importantly, we translate this plan into everyday tactics that your company can execute. The results must be measurable when launching new products and brands, driving sales, and building an effective plan with retailers.

We move quickly to collaborate with your key managers and their teams in framing and achieving specific goals. While we do not hesitate to disagree, we are careful to integrate ourselves smoothly into the team process so that we are regarded as a supportive partner rather than disruptive outside experts.

We believe in careful analysis first--followed by decisive action at retail. Working together, we focus on getting the kind of sales channel commitment vital to market breakthrough. We believe that any change in product design and merchandising, regardless of size, should be considered if it will improve sales. We make ourselves available to your company's management at all times.