Market Research
We help you compete more effectively by knowing your accounts and your competitors. We gather information from a variety of sources including public filings, the internet, trade journals, and our network of executives in leading companies in the consumer electronics industry.

competitive analysis
Our analysis provides you with a detailed view of competitive programs. Learn what programs your competitors are using to improve your own program for more successful sell-in and sell-through of your products. This information is critical when formulating a new program or revising an existing one.

quantitative research
We can work with you to arrange for quantitative research studies. Our network partners use a number of research methodologies including personal face-to-face questioning and focus groups to study consumer insight on brands, products and services. Use market structure research to learn what motivates customers to purchase and of their perceptual positions of products and brands. Perform ad hoc concept research to evaluate new concepts, brands and packaging. Perform market trend monitoring to analyze brand perception and sales over time.

qualitative research
We can work with you to do arrange for qualitative research studies to gain insight into the behavior and motivations of the consumer and customer opinion on products, brands, and advertising vehicles. We can analyze how this translates into customer choice and buying behavior for specific products, product variants, and brands.

product positioning
Our experience with positioning products in competitive categories enables us to orchestrate product strategies for in-store, web, and print advertising. Our experience with high profile launches, maintaining position during mid-cycle, and effectively managing the end-of-life and transitions provides clients with the knowledge they need to maximize the full potential of each and every SKU.