Sales and Marketing
We help you increase profitability by analyzing your marketing efforts so you can invest your marketing dollars where they'll have the largest impact. Our network partners can help you promote your products through sales programs, advertising, customer relationship management, and e-business to name a few.

retailer relationships
Our firm has the strong relationships with all of the key executives at retail providers that are the key building blocks to introducing a world class programs, products or services. These relationships deliver quick feedback and actionable results that eliminate the waiting period and move right to program discussion and sell through. Simply put, sometimes it's all in who you know.

brand licensing
If your company has a great product, but needs a major brand name to "add value" we can make it happen. We know how to navigate all aspects of effective brand licensing with many of the most sought after brands.

manufacturer's representation
If your company requires manufacturers representation, our network partners can immediately step in and provide the necessary full suite of world class, high technology support that today's retail environment requires. Our network partners have pre-existing national retailer coverage across all channels that will enable a seamless transition into professional sales representation.

Effective advertising is more than a knee-jerk reaction to excess inventory and competitive pressure. We work with you to develop a comprehensive advertising strategy for your product lines throughout their entire product lifecycle. Our network partners can help you with broadcast, print, direct marketing, and in-store advertising campaigns.

The key to delivering a strong and successful message to your customers is powerful creative design. Working together with your executive team, we can draw upon years of successful campaign elements to create solutions that translate into real growth and profit. The goal is to make your products "jump off of the shelf."

brand identity
We develop a brand identity that is designed to reach your target customer on every level from packaging to in-store display. Our network partners can help you create a branding signature that is distinctly individual to your line of products.

customer relationship management
The key to a successful customer relationship is having a thorough understanding of the customer's needs. Our firm's deep personal experience provides the knowledge to anticipate and proactively manage the retail customer's needs and maintain a results driven issue reducing positive relationship.

In today's consumer market, web based-solutions are a must. Web strategies must compliment the traditional elements of your business. We work with your teams to identify the right strategy to maximize your web presence.