Delivering successful merchandising results requires someone with a steady hand and a wealth of experience. Our firm helps clients achieve success through engaging at all levels and draws from our extensive years of personal experience with merchandising campaigns across a wide variety of product lines.

product launches
Positioning products at launch sets the stage for a successful life cycle. A successful launch is all about proper preparation and attention to minute details that risk ultimate success. We help design and orchestrate a launch that fits the client's vision of the product for consumers and sets the stage for maximum visibility and success.

buyer negotiations
Achieving your objectives, arriving at mutually agreeable position and program sometimes takes a delicate touch. We assist in preparing, positioning, delivering and finalizing agreements with retailers. Just a slight change in a deal can have a tremendous impact on your products profitability and buyer commitment.

deal structures
The challenge facing today's manufacturers is understanding what deal elements each retailer demands as "must haves" and what buyers need to be successful. We streamline this process to drive workable solutions that help you close deals quickly.

We work with you to define your training needs. Our network partners have access to a wide range of training methodologies from on-line computer based learning to work books and classroom training. On the back end, we help you quantify the performance of your training investments.

Our network partners can arrange for in-store detailing that fits your schedule, display goals, and budget. Ensuring that displays are well maintained is only part of the picture. We also work with you to help you analyze the ROI of your detailing budget.