Donald Ruan - Principal Asia Partner
With 37 years of extensive international trading experience, Donald's trading experience extends across both consumer and industrial sectors. Donald has been involved in distributorships in Asia for E&J Gallo Winery, Mellita, Philco, Frigidaire, Zenith, Audio Research, GES/LLMO, Parker Hannifin, Hendrickson, Dana, TRW, Farr, CNH, J.I. Case, and Snap-On Tools among others. Donald has been in America over 29 years as a US citizen and is native of China, which gives him the opportunity to bridge the West and East. He is respected in both worlds for his integrity and ability.

Donald brings along extensive experience in executive management, international trading and barter trade through his work with the Argent Trading Company based in New York - the largest and oldest barter trade company in America.

Donald is well known for his creative marketing initiatives. Examples include:

  • Buy PC with free monitor started at Best Buy in 1995
  • Import Direct programs with Circuit and Best Buy in 1995 & 1997 respectively
  • White Box product concept in 1994
  • Extra Barcode Serial Number Stickers on cartons in 1993
  • KARE-KDS Advance Replacement Expedite program in 1996
  • Implemented sweeping program on diskette sales in Taiwan becoming number one distributor within six months in 1986 - established 3M diskette market recognition in Asia as well
  • Consolidated shipping methods for exporting out of USA to high-duty countries in 1977- especially in Taiwan and dominated the white and brown goods market for more than four years

Donald is noted for a number of firsts, having brought:

  • A turn-key 3 1/2" diskette manufacturing facility to China in 1986
  • A Color monitor manufacturing to China in 1991
  • SONY "Made in America" to Taiwan in 1979
  • Magic Chef made in America to Korea in 1980
  • Zenith to the number two brand in Taiwan next to SONY in 1979
  • Frigidaire and Amena Known to Taiwan in 1978 and 1980 respectively
  • Thixomolding - Magnesium alloy injection molding to Taiwan in 1995

Donald has been a TEC (The Executives Committee) member, founder, and CEO of Ascenda Corporation, a company dedicated to enhancing the profitability of foreign companies in manufacturing and supply chain with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, Chicago, and New York. Donald has extensive experience running consumer electronics manufacturing companies having been CEO of ProView Technology, KDS, Waffer, MAG Innovision, and CTX International. Donald has been a board member of Waffer Tech - The world's largest magnesium injection molder, ARC United and MAG Innovision. A native of Shanghai, Donald earned college degrees in both Taiwan and California. He has served as a partner in Unico International and as Executive VP at Taiwan and Hong Kong Trading Co - The largest government subsidized trading firm in Taiwan. He has also served as Chief Resident Representative in Shanghai for China Development Financial Holdings Corporation, an arm of the investment banker in Asia.